Charging | Webshots


"Charging" (only available in version 5 of Webshots) allows free subscribers to obtain pictures from our gallery. When charging is on, the app uses part of your computer's processing power which helps us fund our licensing fees for the professional pictures available in our gallery. This feature does NOT use or save your personal data.

With charging on, you will be able to save new pictures every 3-4 hours when the battery icon turns from red to green. The longer charging is left on the more pictures become available. Please check that your computer is not falling asleep during charging. See this guide to adjust the sleep time. Over time, when the app is not running, your charge will deplete so be sure to save pictures as they become available.

You can also purchase a subscription. With a paid subscription there are no limitations when using the app and saving pictures. 

If you see the message below, your computer is not compatible with this feature. You can continue using the app, but new pictures will not be available without a paid subscription.