Having problems with the app? | Webshots

Having problems with the app?

99% of the time reinstalling Weshots will fix whatever problem you are seeing. It may be having an issue because the app needs to update, a setting or directory needs to be reinstalled, etc. For other problems, answers can be found in the faq section of our Help Center.

Webshots can be reinstalled anytime, from our website, https://webshots.com/ using the "Free PC Install" button. It will reinstall over the version you have now, so uninstalling first is not needed.

If your problem is with the calendar date, please be sure you have the Webshots app running. If it is running, please try setting a new wallpaper from your playlist and see if that allows the calendar to update with the image. 

If you emailed us before resolving your problem with the information here or elsewhere in our Help Center, please email us again and let us know you no longer need help. Thanks.