How to uninstall the desktop application | Webshots

How to uninstall the desktop application

To Uninstall

Here are three steps to uninstall:
Step 1 - Exit the app. (if it is running) This can be done using your computer's task manager or by following the steps below:

Step 2 - Change your Desktop Background and Screensaver settings on your computer to something other than "Webshots4" and "Webshots Wallpaper". These settings can be found in the Appearance and Personalization menu in your computer's control panel.

Step 3 - Uninstall the Webshots app as you would any other program and delete any folders with the name webshots. Please note, completely uninstalling Webshots and related folders should only be done if you no longer plan to use the app. Removing folders could remove older saved pictures. Just uninstalling the app will not remove saved pictures from your account.