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I just installed, what should I do #3 - Mark Playlists

Mark your Playlists for Screensaver/Wallpaper.


In this example the Playlists are called "1, 2, 3, 4, animals, beaches, etc..."

Yours will be different, you can call your Playlists whatever you want.


The two columns of checkboxes are used to control which Playlists are included in the Wallpaper rotation and when the Screensaver plays.


The first column (the square icon) is for Wallpaper.

The second coloun (the play icon) is for Screensaver.


In this example:


Playlist "1" is used for Wallpaper

Playlists "2", "3", "4" are used in the Screensaver

Playlist "animals" is used in both the Wallpaper and Screensaver.





Set yours up however you want.