Screensaver | Webshots


(Notice: If your screensaver is playing the latest photos instead of your playlists, please signout and signin again, that will fix it. How to sign out is here:

To access the Webshots Screensaver follow this handy guide from Microsoft:


The Webshots screensaver is called "Webshots4".

Here it is set to show after 4hrs of inactivity:


If it is not listed:

  1. Open a Windows File Explorer. You can do this by clicking the Start button in the lower left corner and selecting "File Explorer".
  2. Navigate to the folder: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Webshots\Wallpaper"
  3. Right-click "Webshots4.scr" and select install
  4. When the Screensaver control panel comes up, select "Preview" to try it out.
  5. If the screensaver is blank, go to the Webshots desktop and make sure you have a Playlist selected for Screensaver.

 If your screen turns black after the screensaver has run for awhile check your power setting for "Turn off display"