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Webshots 5 - Setup

The following instruction should be used to install and set up your wallpaper settings for Webshots 5.0. 

The new features for 5.0 are:

  1. Playlists stored in the cloud and are sync'd to your hard drive. (Webshots does not back up personal pictures added to playlists)
  2. Uses the native OS wallpaper rotation and screensaver.
  3. Does not need to be always running.

Webshots 5.0 can be installed using the link below:


Webshots 5 is now setup to install all Windows settings automatically!

After installing you can click the gear icon on the home page to sign into your account. After setting a wallpaper from the gallery, or your playlist, if it does not change immediately, you will need to open your Windows personalization settings and click the image you selected there. After doing this once, it will stay engaged and you will not need to do this again unless you reinstall the app. Below are images showing how to find your personalization settings:

1. Using your mouse, right click your desktop and select "personalize".

2. Find the wallpaper image you selected and click that once.

After this, you will be all set. For more information about the app and how to use it, please see our "Getting Started" guide linked below"


If you were already a Webshots user, and just updated from Webshots 4, please uninstall your previous version of Webshots, after confirming Webshots 5 has installed and works. Webshots 4 will be listed as "Webshots Wallpaper and Screensaver". 

If you are new to Webshots, or just updated from a much older version, the link below provides more information about how to use Webshots