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What to do with old wb1 Webshots files


If you have a Webshots Data file with WB1 files, you may use the Webshots Conversion Tool to convert your old WB1 collections files to JPG format. It's simple to use.

First, you'll want to install the Webshots ConversionTool

After the Webshots Conversion Tool is installed; it will find your Webshots Data file automatically. Select "Start" to begin the process.

Note: Depending on how large your Data file is, it can take several minutes to complete.

Once the conversion is complete, the conversion software will state that it's "Done."

Next, go to your documents folder and find the folder named Webshots. Within this folder, you will find a file called "Conversion Tool." You'll find your converted JPG images there.

To move your photos from your Conversion Tool file to a new Playlist within the Webshots Wallpaper & Screensaver software you'll want to:

1. Open your systems Documents folder.

2. Open the Webshots folder and open the Conversion Tool file.

3. Move the JPG images from the Conversion Tool file by dragging the image files in each folder directly into the Playlist within the software as you would personal pictures:


Please note, Webshots does not back up personal pictures, so please keep a backup of these images.

If the folder is large, it may take a minute for the images to show. You will now see your newly created folder and JPG images under "My Playlists."

Note: Vertical images and images downloaded from the old Webshots community will be stretched. You may need to play around with your desktop display setting in order to center or fit your screen on display.